Active Seating bounces into your workplace

How many times did your mother tell you to “Sit up straight”?

Bad Posture

It seems her old words of wisdom are now all the rage. More and more manufacturers are introducing their own versions of what has been termed as Active Seating: seating contraptions that allows and even encourages the sittee (that means you) to wiggle, rock, and literally exercise as you sit at your work desk, and all the while you’re able continue with your tasks at hand.

Active seating stems from the growing field of ergonomics, or working in a physically stress-free work place.

Old chairThe more traditional office seating has advanced light-years from unexciting the old familiar wooden office chairs of torture creating today’s padded, fully-adjustable, and very comfortable task chairs.

But that can be the problem; today’s ergonomic seating can be so comfortable that you actually forget to get up to stretch and move. And research is discovering that not moving can actually be deadly to you. (But more on that in a different blog.)

Enter the new active chairs. Unlike typical chairs that do nothing but “sit there”, active seating chairs work with your body’s need to be in constant physical movement, whether from your waist, your legs, or upper back. These chair designs may include rounded bases, inflated bladders, spring action, pneumatic shocks, or even sit/stand designs.

In all these cases, the end result is that your body moves throughout your workday via swaying, bouncing, balancing, twisting, shifting, and standing.

As odd as most of these products seem, they all strive (and succeed) in combating static sitting and standing while improving your posture.

Chair montage 2In their own ways, they’ll strengthen and condition muscles in your back, legs, or abdomen. Movement throughout the day keeps a worker stimulated and focused. Users insist they’ve eliminated back pain with improved circulation to the spine and lower extremities.

Chair Montage 1    If you think active office seating is something you’d like to try, call the seating experts here at 360 Office Solutions. We can show you lots of options, and even let you take one home for an office test-ride. So, sit up straight, grab your phone, and give us a call!  (406) 248-7881

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