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    Haworth (Zody)
    • Blends wellness and comfort with sustainability and design.
    • Zody is the only chair to ever be endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association
    • Versatile
    • High Performing
    Eurotech seating (ME7)
    • All Day Versatility
    • Lasting extraordinary comfort
    • Innovative Design
    • Sleek & modern
    • Great for all sizes
    SitOnIt Seating (Focus)
    • All Day Comfort
    • Unique body hugging shape
    • Creates good collaboration environment
    • Versatile
    • Sophistication
    Hon (Ignition)
    • The Perfect Fit
    • Ignition is flexible enough to handle day-to-day tasks
    • Customize your Ignition with various back-height and seat size options
    • Mobility and Flexibility
    Alera (Elusion)
    • Adjustability
    • Contoured
    • Professional
    • Custom
    National (Mix-it)
    • Stylish, durable, sustainable and comfortable seating.
    • Options available to blend rich hardwoods, polyurethane, nylon and platinum metallic accents.
    • Ergonomically designed with high performance options.
    • Also available in guest chair or stool models.