Bozeman Public Library Update

The Bozeman Public Library recently hosted an event called “Library Journal Design Institute” put on by the Library Journal (a national library publication), which is a notable event for library administration, trustees, and foundation boards from around the nation. In preparation for the event, 360 Office Solutions was asked to replace the 10-year-old seating that had grown tired and was no longer able to be effectively maintained. The new chairs from Lowenstein feature the latest in textile technology to protect against all sorts of contaminants. The fabric has a ‘nano’ technology finish that repels fluids. In the unlikely event that a liquid gets forced through the fibers of the fabric, it has a complete liquid barrier to ensure nothing penetrates to the foam. An antimicrobial treatment which inhibits bacterial growth, has also been applied from Applied Textiles, who the leader in matching textile technology to various environments. The faux leather on these chairs was designed and engineered specifically for McDonald’s Corporation for use in its locations world-wide. It will stand up to the harshest of conditions.

Bozeman Library’s Old Chairs (Before the update): 

old chairs

Bozeman Library’s New Chairs by Lowenstein (After the update): 

new chairs 1 new chairs 2 new chairs 3

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