When a Good Machine goes bad…

While your Multi Function Printer (MFP) operates correctly, your machine will reliably be singing its “putchika-putchika-putchika-putchika” song, and your life is like a symphony with all bio-mechanics in perfect zen harmony.

Then one day, you decide to download some new system software.  After all, it was “Free”.  But afterward when you press the PRINT button, this is all you see:

connectivity blog 006

Of course you frantically push RETRY, but you’re like most mortal office people;  you have no idea what this means, or what you can do to make your system happy again.  Your small business probably has no machine expert on staff, and no one in your office has any helpful advise… except for the one person who ventures over, and comments, “Looks like a connectivity problem to me,” then wanders off.  Hey, thanks, man.

But suddenly, the afternoon looms up. That oh-so-important multi-page business proposal is due then.  Your vacation isn’t until next Friday, and you’re not exactly sure how you’re going to survive this particular career-ending crisis.

Here’s your big hint:  When you need an answer to an office machine situation, call the office solutions people — 360 Office Solutions.  Office machine maladies happen.  blog cartoon 001Even something like a connectivity hiccup.  360 Office Solution should be your “Go To” connection.  Help when you need to figure out what might be wrong with any of your office machines.

It’s most likely your printer isn’t suddenly “broken.”  The vast majority of the times that an MFP stops working correctly, it’s going to be something simple.  Something like a connection issue, software, a poorly chosen menu selection, even a maladjusted paper tray.

Our quick response Connectivity Team knows all about connectivity, driver software, and machine menu selection.  We know how to deal with with finicky office systems.  Products like:  Printers, Scanners, Projectors, white e-boards, and video conferencing.

So, when you need some machine advice from a smart machine professional.  Make your next connection to:

Mike Bartholomew    (406) 259-0429



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